T&G Overlay

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Tongue and Groove Overlay is a solid piece of timber flooring that is thinner than your traditional solid 19mm timber floor . Due to the size of this timber this product must be installed over a solid substrate . The T & G overlay product is more cost effective than your traditional 19mm product as less wood is used . With state of the art manufacturing techniques these overlay products are incredibly stable and has the same lifespan as much thicker products.





Species:Blackbutt, Brushbox, Grey Ironbark, Red Ironbark , Spotted Gum NSW , Sydney Bluegum & Tallowood
Grade: Select, Prestige or Rustic
Profile:Micro Tongue & Groove (Plain End)
Size:86mm x 10mm ( Micro T & G ) and 86mm x 12mm (Micro T & G )
Wear layer:5.5mm
Lengths:400mm – 2700mm
Packaging:Ultra10 is supplied in small random length bundles, each with around 3m2.
**grades will depend on width and species – please check before quoting/ordering


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Species:Blackbutt, Brush Box, Grey Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum N.S.W , Spotted Gum QLD , Sydney Bluegum, Tallowwood, Turpentine, White Mahogany.
*Some species only available in selected sizes *
Grade: Select, Standard & Feature
Profile:Tongue & Groove and end matched
Size:85mm x 14mm , 130mm x 14mm , 180mm x 14mm
Lengths:Random (Between 900mm – 4500mm)
**grades will depend on width and species – please check before quoting/ordering

Hurford Roasted



Colours:Peat, Cayenne & Caramel
Colour penetration:100% through the board
Grade: Prestige & Rustic
Profile:86mm x 10mm & 83mm x 14mm      ( Are random length 0.4m to 2.7mm Plain End )
128mm x 14mm & 178mm x 14mm ( Are random length 0.6m to 4.5mm End Matched )
Size:86 x 10mm, 83 x 14mm, 128 x 14mm & 178 x 14mm
Grade Characteristics: Prestige grade is a combination of select grade and high end standard grade
Rustic grade is a combination of standard grade and feature grade but still maintains structural integrity
Lengths:600mm – 4500mm (128&178mm), 400mm – 2700mm (86&83mm)
**grades will depend on width and species – please check before quoting/ordering


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