Sanding, Polishing & Finishing

Although some species of timber are naturally on the smoother side, timber flooring still needs to be sanded before being polishing.

Even old timber flooring can be transformed so it comes up looking beautiful and stylish.

The process of sanding and polishing can produce dust and toxic vapours, so if possible you should try and vacate the premises for at least 48 hours.

Modern sanding equipment used for timber flooring uses special dust collectors. For the sanding component you need not vacate your home. Floor sanding will produce noise and there may be some dust or smells you might find unpleasant. If you think any of these things might cause you problems, vacating might be a good idea.

Sanding finishing

Getting new timber flooring installed can be a good excuse for a short break or holiday. Come back to beautifully finished timber flooring.

In preparation of sanding and polishing we ask that you remove rugs, carpets and any furniture that is on the timber flooring area.

If you are painting the room with the timber floorboards, complete all painting except the final coat on the skirting boards. Floor sanding equipment will likely come into contact with skirting boards during the sanding process.

Your timber flooring is sanded using progressively finer sandpaper until it is smooth enough to apply the coating. After sanding, a first coat of sealer is applied, followed by the first coat of polyurethane then left overnight to dry. After being left overnight to dry, the final coat is then applied.

There are four broad categories of polish we can use for finishing timber flooring. Oil based finishes, composite oil based/solvent borne finishes, solvent borne polyurethane finishes and water borne finishes.

Whichever type of finish you choose, it will change colour in time as it wears. This makes ‘touch-ups’ difficult, the older the timber flooring. All types of coatings however can be restored by recoating. In the long term it may be necessary to re-sand and re-finish timber flooring, depending on its wear and age.

It typically takes around two weeks for the entire process of timber flooring installation, floor sanding and floor polishing.

The entire process of sanding and polishing typically takes around 3 to 4 days.

Millennium Floors are fully qualified to perform floor sanding and floor polishing of timber floors. We work with home owners, sporting venues, builders and commercial venues anywhere in northern NSW, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast for timber flooring.

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