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There are two important steps to know before installing timber flooring.

The first step is understanding the timber being used and the characteristics of the species. We supply and work with many types of timber species including Spotted Gum, European Oak, Backbutt, Jarrah, Ironbark, Brushbox, and Mixed Hardwood. Each has its own characteristics in colour, grade (quality), moisture content, shrinkage and swelling variations, and density.

Along with understanding the characteristics of the timber, it’s also important to understand the environment where the timber flooring will be laid.

Timber flooring

When installing timber flooring we take into consideration ventilation requirements, and fixing requirements, as well as allowances for expansion. These specifications can vary depending on the type of timber used, because some types of timber have a naturally higher moisture content.

The grade of the timber determines the character of the floor, for example the grain direction and its unique features.

One of the things that makes timber flooring so popular is that no two timber flooring looks are the same. Different species of timber have different colouring, we will mix them to get an attractive blend of tone. With most timber installations, you’ll be able to walk on it after 24 hours.

Although DIY installation can be done, it’s not recommended unless you have experience. Correct installation will make a big difference to the final look.

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We can assist you in choosing the right timber flooring for your home or commercial building anywhere in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We can work with your colour scheme, needs, and you budget. Once we’ve helped you select the best timber choice for your needs, we’ll professionally install it for you.

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