Hurford XL Parquetry

XL Parquetry


Coating:Uncoated (Sand and coat once installed)Coverage:1.014M²/box Roasted Peat + Cayenne 0.983 M²/boxPackaging:12 pieces per box – Left and Right BoxInstall Over:Wood, particle board, plywood & plywood over concrete

Description:SOLID TIMBER Big Parquetry
Species:Blackbutt, Brush Box, Grey Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum – NSW, Spotted Gum – QLD, Sydney Blue Gum, Thermally Enhanced Sydney Blue Gum, Roasted Peat + Roasted Cayenne
(Other species available on request)
Grade: Prestige
Profile:Secret Nail, Tongue & Groove, End Matched
Coating: Uncoated (Sand and coat once installed)
Size:130mm x 14mm
Roasted Peat + Cayenne 128 x 14mm
Lengths:650mm Roasted Peat + Cayenne 640mm
*Please enquire if you require a different size.