Floor Sanding & Polishing in Brisbane

The river city is full of big beautiful Queenslander style homes which look amazing with polished wood floors. The key is to do a quality job when it comes to sanding back the timber floors before they are finished.
Our team are regularly floor sanding & polishing in Brisbane to help bring out the best in those historic houses.

Polished wood floors

Preparing the floors for polishing requires sanding the old timber floors back in order to expose the fresh wood underneath.

Once that is completed, we then begin the floor polishing process using a range of finishes to suit your desired look.

  • Water borne finishes
  • Oil based finishes
  • Composite oil/solvent borne finishes
  • Solvent borne polyurethane finishes

If you’re thinking about improving the look of your polished timber floor in your Brisbane home then our local experts can help to guide your through the process to identify which approach to take for the best results.

Floor Sanding & Polishing Gallery (Brisbane)

Take a look at a few of the beautiful timber floor restorations we’ve completed throughout Brisbane.

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