Worthwhile ways to add value to your home before sale

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When you sell your home you obviously want the best price. There are a few worthwhile ways you can add value to your home so that you get the best result.
When buying a home many people have some prerequisites, nice kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and so on. When people view a property their gut takes over, their emptions start to make the decision. Potential buyers look around your home and start to have visions of their life there. The picture they pain in their head can be slightly tainted if the house is not up to scratch.

Here’s a few tips for adding value to your home.

  • The floor is a large surface area and looks even larger when you are trying to cover up damage. Timber flooring can add significant value to your home, but if unkempt it can certainly drag the appearance of your home down. Talk to Millennium Floors about our floor sanding and floor polishing service that can bring your flooring back to life. With some TLC you can restore your timber flooring to look like new again.
  • Painting is the cheapest way to renovate. For a quick and easy transformation add a fresh coat of paint to your home. When a potential buyer is painting the picture of a life in your home, flaking paint is a great way to turn them off.
  • If you’re based on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane you are well aware of the beautiful warm climate we are blessed with, so it makes sense that more and more of us are looking to extend our living areas to the great outdoors. Adding an outdoor entertainment area can add significant value to your home. The outdoor living space gives the perception of more liveable real estate. Adding a deck is a beautiful and easy way to add value to your home. Talk to Millennium Floors and see how we can transform your back yard.
  • Is that drab, ugly carpet making your home look a bit tatty? Why not install timber flooring? It’s a real way to add real value to your home and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Neaten up your front yard to increase curb appeal, after all you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Timber flooring is a great way to add value to your Gold Coast and Brisbane home

If you want to add value to your Brisbane or Gold Coast home, adding timber flooring to the indoor and outdoor areas lifts its appeal and sale price. Call 0414 382 084 on the Gold Coast and 0419 126 034 in Brisbane for all your timber flooring, floor sanding, floor polishing and pre-finished engineered flooring needs.

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