Tips to choose the perfect colour for a timber floor

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Choosing the colour of your flooring is a big decision, especially since timber flooring can, if properly maintained, last a lifetime.
Your floors are one of the biggest surface areas in your home, so the colour chosen will have a large impact on its personality and décor.
Our team of experts at Millennium Floors are happy to consult with you on your timber flooring colour choice.

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your timber flooring.

  • If you have a small home, room or apartment to floor steer clear of dark flooring. Light flooring gives the perception of space where as dark flooring can close a room up. Likewise, if you have large rooms to floor, darker tones for your timber flooring can give your room a warmer and cosier appeal.
  • Do you have low ceilings? Lighter timber flooring will help to make the room look bigger and not close it up.
  • Life can sometimes get messy, and whilst we all like to think we’re clean and tidy sometimes its nice to have a floor that hides some of our indiscretions. Often dark flooring can show every spec of dirt and every blemish. Gloss finishes also seem to make damage more noticeable. Opting for a more natural colour where stains and specs blend in could be a saviour to your sanity.
  • When choosing you’re your flooring colour you need to be mindful of your current furnishings. Will your new flooring clash with them? If so, do you choose a floor colour based on your current furniture and furnishings or the look you ultimately want to achieve?
  • Feeling traditional? Brown tones for your timber flooring have a very traditional feel. When choosing your flooring you need to choose something that will last the test of time, there’s no point in choosing a colour that you will want to be rid of next year.

So, what colour timber flooring should I choose?

Still not sure, that’s ok. Millennium Floors suggest you take some samples home and see which one works. Often the colour in your mind doesn’t have the same appeal in reality
Millennium Floors are on hand to assist you with your choice of flooring colour. Call 0414 382 084 on the Gold Coast or 0419 126 034 in Brisbane to work out what timber flooring would complement your taste and personality.

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