The perks of choosing a waterborne finish for your timber flooring

You’ve laid your timber flooring and you’re marvelling at its beauty, so what now? Why not protect your flooring and keep it looking beautiful for longer with a stunning waterborne finish?

Adding a waterborne finish to your timber flooring has many benefits, here’s just a few.

Instead of adding solvents to your floor, a waterborne finish is a safer material that is non-flammable. You can also feel very good about your decision as it is the environmentally friendly option. A waterborne finish is also non-toxic, so you can be assured that your home is naturally beautiful.
Waterborne finishes dry quickly so you can enjoy your wood flooring much sooner, so there’s less disruption in your home.
So, you love, love, love the colour of your European oak wood timber flooring, but you need to protect it and more often than not a finish can change the colour of your flooring. A waterborne finish dries clear, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of your European oak wood.
Chips, dents and scratches don’t look good on timber flooring, so why have them? By applying a waterborne finish, it can make your flooring more durable and more scratch-proof, so your wood flooring stays perfect for longer.

Keep your Gold Coast and Brisbane home looking great with timber flooring.

To keep your timber flooring in pristine condition a waterborne finish is the perfect protective layer. If you need expert advice call 0414 382 084 on the Gold Coast and 0419126 034 in Brisbane to speak with one of our friendly consultants. We can discuss how to keep your timber floors looking better for longer.

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