Interior designing tips for rooms with timber floors

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When it comes to interior design in your Brisbane and Gold Coast, timber flooring gives you a great foundation for your colour palate.
Timber Flooring comes in a variety of colours so its important to match your décor with your flooring.

Your guide to styling your timber flooring

Does your Brisbane or Gold Coast home have light wooden floor boards? If so, you’ll be looking at a very different look to the darker tones.
Complementing your lighter timbering flooring usually means your colour palate can be quite adventurous. To contrast your flooring a darker paint colour could be provide the base you need for the room. Adding in lots of light coloured furniture means you can experiment with your accessories and get a little creative. By creating a good solid base, you can easily change up your look by injecting different coloured accessories into the mix.
If your timber flooring is a little darker it can set the tone for the home. To open up the space and not detract from the flooring, use light colours that contrast the dark. Bu adding lighter furniture to the room it can lift the mood whilst retaining the deep hues in the wood.
If your wooden floor boards are neither dark nor light, you have full creative license to go mad! Feeling blue, add all your blue hues and shades, fancy something a little different why not add a wallpaper feature wall. With a neutral floor you can take your room anywhere.

Interior design starts with great timber flooring

If your Brisbane or Gold Coast home needs redecorating working from the floor up is a great place to start. If you’re not happy with the colour of your timber flooring, we can perform floor sanding and polishing to get the base you love. Call Millennium Floors on the Gold Coast on 0414 382 084 or in Brisbane on 0419 126 034 to see how we can assist you in achieving your interior design goals.

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